Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Cleveland

Custom Jewelry

If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry for that special someone, Sheiban Jewelers offers custom jewelry design to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, wedding ring, or other jewelry. Unlike the build your own engagement ring option on our website, this custom jewelry service allows you, with the help of the experts at Sheiban Jewelers, to see your special design come to life.

Custom Engagement Ring Cleveland


The process for custom jewelry starts with a drawing. You can collaborate with Sheiban Jewelers to get your ideas out on paper, working through design details you want to include. Whether you have a full engagement ring or jewelry design already thought out or have a few key design elements to include, we will work with you to create an engagement ring or jewelry design that meets all your needs.

Custom Ring Cleveland

CAD Design

Once you’re happy with the concept of your custom jewelry, your ring or jewelry design is then rendered as a CAD (computer-aided design). A CAD rendering allows you to see your custom design in 3D on the computer. This part of the process helps bring your drawing to life and create a better visual of the custom piece of jewelry you want to make.

Design an engagement ring

Wax Form, Metal Casting, Set and Finish

After the CAD rendering, the file is then used to create a wax form of your design. This wax form is then used for metal casting of your custom engagement ring or jewelry. During your initial design process you will work with Sheiban Jewelers to determine the best type of metal, whether white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, for the foundation of your custom piece. Sheiban Jewelers takes the metal casting, sets your diamond or gemstone by hand and adds any remaining fine details. Your custom piece of jewelry goes through a full quality control inspection and is finished with a final polish.