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Citrine’s color comes from traces of iron. It’s perhaps the most popular and frequently purchased yellow gemstone and an attractive alternative for topaz as well as for yellow sapphire.


A saturated yellow to reddish orange color free of brownish tints is prized in citrine. The finest citrine colors are saturated, with little or no brownish component, and range from yellow to reddish orange, and even orangy red.


Much of the faceted citrine in the market is “eye-clean,” meaning the stone lacks eye-visible inclusions. Stones with minor inclusions is often used for cabochons or carvings.


Citrine is available in a wide variety of fancy shapes, including custom cuts.


Citrine is fairly durable, but abrupt temperature changes can fracture it. Take care in storing it separately from your other jewels in its own bag or box to avoid scratches. Warm soapy water is always safe for cleaning citrine.

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