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Zircon is not a commonly known, although the gem has many beautiful appearances. There are earth tones, cinnamon, sherry, yellow, orange, red and the famous zircon blue colors.


Red and green zircons have market value as collectors’ stones, and cat’s-eye zircons occasionally come on the market as curios. Collectors love zircon’s variety of colors, but 80% off all zircon sold is one color—blue.


Zircons are relatively free of inclusions. But untreated zircons can have a cloudy or smoky appearance. If it’s extreme, it can be a negative factor. Most of the zircon that is faceted for use in jewelry is free of inclusions that are visible to the eye.


Cutters tend to fashion zircon in the brilliant style to take advantage of its luster and fire. Zircon can also be found in step cuts, these have rows of parallel facets, and mixed cuts, which is a combination of the brilliant and step-cut facets.


Warm, soapy water is best for cleaning zircon. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not recommended. Avoid prolonged exposure to bright light, and to prevent any scratches or damage store your Zircon jewelry in it's own bag or box separate from your other jewels.

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