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Love Stories

Diamond in the Sky... - Karim

I knew that Jenna was "the one". It was just a matter of time before I popped the question. I was confident with my decision to move forward in our relationship... except for one moment: buying the ring. Chris at Sheiban jewelers walked me through the entire process, with patience and professionalism. He was very knowledgeable and straight-forward, exactly what I needed to feel comfortable in making a significant purchase for a monumental event. Chris displayed a few of the selections, and it wasn't long before.. BAM! There it was, the perfect ring. Everything about the ring gleamed, the cut, the clarity, the glimmer. I just knew it was the one for "the one". High above the sky..... Read More..


Dancing in the Moonlight - Giffi

I proposed to my high-school sweetheart and girlfriend of seven years when we were out celebrating our anniversary. We went to dinner at a revolving restaurant high above downtown Indianapolis, with a view of the entire city. A horse and carriage picked us up from the restaurant (she had always wanted to ride in one) and took us to the center of the city, where up the stairs of a monument a band was waiting to play... Read More..


Jordan & Megan - The Lee Family

Finding a ring was probably the most nervous I have been in the past decade. There are so many options and different diamond cuts that my head was spinning. Thankfully I found the Sheibans and they helped take a huge weight off my shoulders. They were very welcoming... Read More..


Treated Like Family - Caraboolad

I've known Chris and Jason Sheiban since middle school. Not only are they truly excellent at their craft, they are like family. When it came time for me to start looking for engagement rings, I knew there would be no other jeweler that could compare. Jason educated me on all of the intricacies of diamonds, from the cut to the brilliance..... Read More..

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