Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry

Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry

Offering the world’s finest selection of cultured pearl jewelry, Mikimoto is synonymous with unparalleled grace, luminosity and a natural elegance. Mikimoto pearl jewelry possesses a timeless quality, a perfect balance of tradition and innovation, always appropriate, always in style. Throughout history to present day, pearls have always been one of the most desired and elegant adornments.

Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry

Mikimoto History

Mikimoto is the foremost producer of the finest quality cultured pearls and a world leader in the design of exceptional pearl jewelry.
More than a century ago, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in producing the world's first cultured pearl. Since that day, MIKIMOTO continues to make history, creating its own distinctive style. The skill of a scientist and the soul of an artist combined to create the genius of Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearls. Since his company's founding, elegant women worldwide have been entranced by Mikimoto’s cultured pearls.

Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry Manufacturing

Mikimoto Quality

The Mikimoto name is synonymous with superior quality at every stage, from the selection of finest materials to expert workmanship to their customer service commitment.
Mikimoto has developed the highest standards of quality and consistency by devoting more than a century to understanding the sea and researching the oyster. Only the top 5% of the pearl harvest meets the strict quality standards of becoming a Mikimoto pearl. This unique grading system provides the standard of excellence that distinguishes Mikimoto pearls from all others.

Mikimoto Authorized Retailer

Sheiban Jewelers and Mikimoto has been committed to providing each of its customers with exceptional pearl jewelry. Taking pride in knowing that every item they select has surpassed the highest quality standards, Mikimoto selects Authorized Retail partners who also uphold those high standards. Sheiban Jewelers is a Mikimoto Authorized Retail partner, and they demonstrate incredible brand knowledge, quality, and customer service standards that Mikimoto holds paramount.