Omega Mens Watch

For more than 169 years, the OMEGA watch brand has been synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. OMEGA has always been defined by its pioneering spirit, demonstrated by its conquests of the oceans' depths and space. Inventive watchmaking is the cornerstone of OMEGA’s heritage and a harbinger for its future. The ability to combine high art with technical excellence is no doubt the reason that OMEGA earned the name “The Swiss Watch” for more than a century.

Omega Mens Watch

Omega History

OMEGA’s history has been dedicated to a tradition of excellence in watchmaking.

Founded in 1848, OMEGA—a member of Swatch Group Ltd.—has built its reputation on revolutionary watch movements. OMEGA watches have set and broken records in competitions time and time again and to this day still hold many of the records for the most accurate mechanical watches ever tested.

No brand is more actively involved in sports timekeeping. In addition to partnerships in golf, sailing, athletics and swimming, OMEGA has served as the Official Timekeeper at 27 Olympic Games and continued that role with the Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. ]

Omega Watches

Omega Quality

OMEGA’s creative use of materials and its creation of new alloys enhance their watches’ aesthetic appeal and improve their quality. Innovative uses of ceramics, silicon and precious metals are important parts of OMEGA’s story which also enhance their watches’ robustness and performance.

OMEGA’s innovation continued in 2014 with the introduction of the fully anti-magnetic OMEGA Master Co-Axial caliber. In 2015, OMEGA’s reputation for excellence was reinforced once again with the introduction of the world’s first Master Chronometer. The Master Chronometer certification represents the Swiss industry’s highest standard of precision, magnetic resistance and chronometric performance.

Omega Partnership

Omega Authorized Retailer

OMEGA has been committed to providing each of its customers with exceptional timepieces. Taking pride in knowing that every item they select has surpassed the highest quality standards, OMEGA selects Authorized Retail partners who also uphold those high standards. Sheiban Jewelers is a OMEGA Authorized Retail partner, and they demonstrate incredible brand knowledge, quality, and customer service standards that OMEGA holds paramount.