Sheiban Select Diamonds

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Sheiban Select Diamonds

A Sheiban Select Diamond is hand selected from countless other diamonds for its inherent beauty, fire, and sparkle by Sheiban Jewelers' GIA Graduate Gemologists. Although diamond certificates are helpful guides to the 4 Cs, there’s more than meets the eye. Our gemologists look at all characteristics of the diamond for accurate measurements, no eye-visible inclusions, light return and other features to ensure top quality.

As a final step, each diamond must be approved by at least one Sheiban Family member to become a Sheiban Select Diamond. Only 3% of all the diamonds we are presented with are eligible to become a Sheiban Select Diamond.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

All diamonds selected by Sheiban Jewelers are 100% conflict-free and responsibly sourced. Our commitment to you is an ethically sourced diamond that is beautiful and rare.