The Sheiban Legacy

Sheiban Jewelers Tony Sheiban

The legacy of Sheiban Jewelers goes back over 100 years and five generations, starting with Tony Sheiban’s great grandfather in Lebanon. Immigrating to America with only his skills; through hard work and dedication, Sheiban built a better life for himself, his family, and future generations.

Sheiban Jewelers Cleveland Ohio

1947: Tony Sheiban is Born

The history of Sheiban Jewelers is directly linked to a legacy built over five generations of family jewelers. Tony Sheiban, born in 1947 started his journey as a young man eager to learn. At the age of 10, Sheiban began working with his father, a master jeweler, to help provide for his family of 12. Immediately developing a strong passion for the family trade, over the next 16 years Sheiban developed the skills and expertise to master his craft.

Sheiban Jewelers Cleveland Ohio

1973: Immigrates to the United States

Due to political and economic turmoil, life in Lebanon grew increasingly unsettling. With a vision of a more promising future for himself and his family in Lebanon, Sheiban made a leap of faith. With limited English skills, at the age of 26, he emigrated from Lebanon to Boston in response to a newspaper ad for jewelers in the United States. Paving a path for future generations to follow, Sheiban persevered for six months before securing his first jewelry manufacturing position—in Cleveland.

Sheiban Jewelers Cleveland

1975: First Sheiban Jewelry Store Opens

After two years of hard work, Sheiban saved enough money to open his own jewelry store at the corner of Ninth and Euclid in downtown Cleveland. Establishing Sheiban Jewelers with 200 square feet, one display case, a workbench, and the will to succeed, Sheiban finally had the opportunity to show the New World the true measure of his abilities. Success came quickly, in addition to creating one of a kind pieces for his own customers, Sheiban produced jewelry for Cowell & Hubbard, Rose Jewelers, Zales, and a number of other large retailers.

Cleveland Jeweler

1976: Moves Store to New Location

Sheiban’s love of working closely with his customers ignited the desire for a larger showroom floor. To accomplish this, while still maintaining his manufacturing and repair business, Sheiban relocated Sheiban Jewelers to a shopping center in the suburban Cleveland community of Strongsville. With this move, custom design emerged as an even more significant aspect of the business.

Sheiban Jewelers

1981-1988: Marries Childhood Sweetheart & Fifth Generation Sheibans

Even while working seven days a week, morning, noon, and night to establish his business, Sheiban never forgot his family, nor his childhood love Gretta. A successful young man with a thriving business, Tony returned to Lebanon to visit his family, and rekindled his relationship with the love of his life. The two married, returned to America, and settled in Strongsville.

Joelle Sheiban was born in 1985; Chris was born in 1987; and Jason was born in 1988. Raised around the jewelry store and blessed with a highly skilled mentor, the fifth generation of the Sheiban family legacy took flame. Tony’s sons took interest in the family profession at a very early age; Chris, soldering his first chain at the age of nine, and Jason, forming his first ring at the age of eight.

Strongsville Jewelry Store

2000: Builds Freestanding Location

With growth came the decision to build a freestanding location. Sheiban worked closely with the architect and interior designer to build a showroom truly mirroring the elegance and beauty of his jewelry. Remaining true to Strongsville, this new Sheiban Jewelers flagship laid a solid foundation for the next generation.

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2009-2010: Chris & Jason Become Gemological Institute Graduates

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in San Diego is world renowned as the foremost authority in gemology, jewelry manufacturing, and jewelry design. Drawing students from across the globe, the GIA has honed some of the finest minds in the jewelry industry. Both Chris and Jason graduated from GIA with diplomas in Graduate Gemology, Applied Jewelry Arts, Jewelry Business, and the GIA’s Graduate Jeweler program.

Cleveland Luxury Jewelry

2010-2012: New Technology

Advancing the Sheiban legacy of cutting edge design, excellent customer service and high value for quality, Sheiban Jewelers continues to enhance and improve all aspects of the fine jewelry business. While remaining true to the time-honored techniques and traditions passed along from generation to generation, Sheiban Jewelers incorporated the usage of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Laser Welding Technologies to its handcrafted one of a kind pieces in 2010. In 2012 the first version of launched, making it easy for local and national customers to shop jewelry and watches online.

Sheiban Jewelers Cleveland

2015-2018: Continued Advancement

In 2015, Sheiban Jewelers remodeled the Strongsville, OH store location and partnered with luxury brands Tacori, Tudor, Mikimoto and Shinola. The new launched in 2018, allowing customers nationwide the ability to build an engagement ring, see 360-degree spins of diamonds and much more.