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Treated Like Family - Caraboolad


I've known Chris and Jason Sheiban since middle school. Not only are they truly excellent at their craft, they are like family. When it came time for me to start looking for engagement rings, I knew there would be no other jeweler that could compare. Jason educated me on all of the intricacies of diamonds, from the cut to the brillianceto the color. When I told him what I had envisioned, he said, "Adam, I'll do anything you want. Tell me what you want and I'll build it."
Jason is a man of his word; I went in to pick up the ring for my Anna and it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. He told me he had spent the day in the back of the store building the ring from scratch. Knowing that he studied at the Gemological Institute of America, I knew the ring was built with the highest quality. At Sheiban Jewelers, the quality and care you receive cannot be replicated. The pride and passion that goes into their work is evident every time I walk into their store. This engagement ring was the biggest purchase of my life and from now on, whenever I look at Anna's hand, I'll always remember the time, energy and passion that Jason put into making my vision become a reality.

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